Bio, Craft & TechNOTES AND FOLDS  (2019) Notes and Folds is an interactive installation that aims to create a connection between sound and form, and programming and handcraft. Three cylindrical sound sculptures are covered of pleated textiles with different textures that are mapped and translated into different musical patterns. The sculptures are activated by the ... Leer más


Bio, Craft & TechCODED ARCHITECTURES 0.3 CODED ARCHITECTURE 0.3 / CODE:ART FESTIVAL 2021 / Palo Alto Public Art Program. Coded Architectures 0.3 is an intervention in the public space in which a message was encoded in a historic building in the City of Palo Alto to be decoded by passersby through a binary alphabet printed ... Leer más


Bio, Craft & TechHYBRIDA Hybrida is a project that speculates on new forms of life, connecting nodes from the fields of biology and  technology. The exhibition consists of three sound biosculptures. Inside each one of them, reside living organisms (colonies of bacteria and yeasts) in a continuous process of fermentation. Through the use of sensors, the ... Leer más